We combine insightful thinking and computer science to solve practical business problems.
Our strategists, engineers and designers work in synergy to help enterprises develop tools
which in turn produces measurable business outcomes.

Mobile Apps

With mobile app development Dubai, providing a competitive advantage, there is obvious opportunity for personalisation and the benefit of real time information (RTD). We have developed our excellent skills and combined many years of experience to create quality apps and mobile websites, that deliver an all-round great user experience across various devices.

Our exceeding services and excellent skills have enabled us to become a leading company for mobile app development in Dubai. Is your mobile the preferred route to accomplishing your goals. Sixth Frame can help you to achieve the best mobile app design and technology to efficiently target your customers by native app development for both android and ios.

Website Development

Website design and creation is simple creativity with regular technology changes and amends that occur almost weekly.
Does your website require an update, or are you looking for a website design company in Dubai, to begin a new venture from scratch? We can help improve the effectiveness of your company’s online presence. Our excellent and experienced team of professionals, work on a number of different platforms to ensure your results are in line with your business goals and objectives.

We are consistently creating and testing technology and its quality. This means that more than often our clients are receiving a completely new and unique product that is very different from their competitors.


Sharepoint Development

A SharePoint portal is a smart way to centralise access to business projects and applications on a professional platform. Sixth Frames’ customisation services in SharePoint Dubai, help your business to maintain its personal data information and company applications with efficiency. SharePoint user adoption, Increased employee engagement, centralised process management, and the ability to share and capture tactics and knowledge are just a few of the long-term benefits of SharePoint development in Dubai.

SharePoint Development Services include:

  • Custom Sharepoint application development.
  • User Adoption on SharePoint intranet
  • Branded Teamsites portal
  • Application Conversion, Migration and Enhancement
  • Systems Integration
  • Managing workflow and BPM
  • Branding & Designing

Sitecore Development

Are you interested in a website that presents your target market with a unique personalised experience, that can capture quality customer data at the same time? Our site core development service offers an effective CMS and a robust Digital Marketing structure. This service provides remarkable targeting and analysing performance qualities, that are guaranteed to enhance your businesses strength.

Sitecore development Dubai, is armed with excellent qualities that allow it to study customer characteristics, and recognise and record appropriate profile segmentations. Sixth Frame is a reliable Sitecore Partner in UAE, we have experienced Sitecore 8 certified developers with deep knowledge in all the Sitecore modules, we always follow the industries best practices when implementing and developing your website. Sixth Frame offer quality services to businesses in many different professional sectors, providing expert solutions aimed to meet a focused strategy.


API Development

Many companies want to promote their businesses to wider markets. By supplying full access to all your products or services in an automated way to third parties online, you will open more profitable opportunities.

By creating a well maintained, API for your website or cloud application you will instantly gain future business prospects.
An API allows your web application to generate and merge smoothly with different internal, back office applications and websites. Without revealing your codebase to the public.

Business Intelligence

Our Business intelligence is scientifically driven for analysing data and presenting actionable information. This helps corporate executives, business managers and other end users make more informed decisions. We provide all our clients with quality and excellence, continuously honouring and bettering are excellent services.


Office 365

Office 365 combines Microsoft’s online creativity tools, from emailing to Web App development and communications services. Office 365 makes it easy and cost effective to go into the cloud without giving up the popular Microsoft server and client functions.

Sixth Frame offer professional Office 365 migration solutions & services across Dubai, UAE, so your technology can develop in line with your company. We believe in working with only the best performing platforms to enhance and motivate your business. Office 365 allows us to perfect and organise all our projects, so we can guarantee your business will go further, faster.

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