The heart of our Digital Strategy is a deep understanding of the business goals, the brand,
your customers and how to drive them to you, and ultimately, what ROI really looks like.
At Sixth Frame it’s our job to help you find your way.

User Experience Design

We focus on increasing conversation rates, revenues and consumer loyalty.
At sixth frame we solve problems. We have many years, experience in UX design, web and mobile app development usability. If you are looking for website redesign Dubai to improve your user web experience, you have come to the right place.

We always take time to research trends and understand the best practices, across all design fields, from usability, engagement and interaction. Quality research ensures we are creating only excellent user experiences. Our service is of excellent quality giving all clientele a competitive advantage in the market.

Multi Channel Digital Strategy

A progressive vision and high target goals for your company is true to multichannel marketing. We are a leading integrated digital agency in Dubai. In order to create a leading multichannel digital strategy our team will work closely with you to create strong action plans, guidelines and targets. We focus on being innovative with different technologies to ensure a rewarding and measurable multichannel user experience.

Our proven methodologies and ongoing research has given strong insights to market leaders. Great advice, tools and excellent results is our promise at sixth frame.


Visual & Identity Design

Visual design has become a rising style, for its popular look and feel. Visual design acts as a face to your brand, building an emotional connection with your consumers. This excellent technology creates exciting ideas and great functions. Our visual designers at sixth frame have a strong knowledge of business environments. We listen to your business goals and needs and produce creative solutions.
A great visual design project will allow you to create a clear understanding, effectively presenting the meaning of your solution. We have a dedicated team of designers, who specialise in the creating of websites, apps and corporate identities.

Creative & Content Strategy

It is crucial that your website has concise, clear, compelling and engaging content. At Sixth Frame we honor our efficiency and powerful campaigns that have been delivered to our clients across all platforms. Our goals as a leading content provider in the UAE is to provide strategically structured and successful campaigns. That build brand awareness and continuously engage and excite the public.

When creating content, we are fully dedicated to knowing and experiencing your brand from your products, competitors, audience and company goals. We make it our prime aim to live and breathe your brand. Whether you expect us to work under tight guidelines or to work solely with our creative skills and experience. Our team of creative professionals are passionate, enthusiastic and committed to ensuring your content is champion online.


Spatial & Environment Design

Spatial and environment design explores the research field, questions and architectural perspectives, discovering and investigating knowledge about space and the use of it. Projects in this area consider spatial design to be equal to the design of tools, products and methods.

This technology applies practices to the design of a store or commercial space. At sixth frame we work as a team to find and solve problems to guarantee your project meets all guidelines.
Spatial and environment design focuses predominantly on sustainable design that takes into account environmental, social, cultural and economic needs.

Usability Testing

Internet marketing is all about usability testing! Revenues are generated through many different streams. This identifies strategies, creating higher conversation and a larger audience to your site, increasing investment.
Our Usability testing services have been constructed with the aim to collect data from real users that interact with your website. We use a number of testing techniques to ensure exceptional and robust results. Testing helps us to discover more about the consumers predominantly using your site and their preferences.



Prototyping is most commonly used to test and evaluate the functions, effects and ability of a sample concept for the design of your website. This form of prototyping helps us to develop our ideas and produce stronger outcomes. Prototypes will never be as robust as the final design. You could call it a draft sketch.

Benefits of Prototypes for website redesign Dubai

  • Showing customer’s, a potential idea and design
  • Demonstrate the appearance and usability
  • Testing the suitability
  • identifying design flaws
  • Improve the production and design process
  • Create multiple examples and versions with different styles and textures etc.

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