It’s easy to get lost in today’s online landscape, at Sixth Frame it’s our job to help you find your way.
We’ll carefully craft strategic solutions, which serve as your digital roadmap
leading to your success online and beyond.

Vision & Strategy

At Sixth Frame we help our clients connect and engage with their customers. We study trends, learn the latest platforms, and create custom strategies that produces results. We collaborate with our clients to gain a keen understanding of business realities and brand dynamics, then work to fuse them to end user needs to generate breakthrough approaches.

• End User and Stakeholder Research
• Competitive Assessment
• Multi-channel Digital Strategy
• Heuristics and Usability Analysis
• Product Requirements Documentation
• Creative and Content Strategy
• Social Media Programs
• Analytics Assessment

Customer Research

We can design, carry out and analyse bespoke customer research on your behalf. By using us, you can ensure that you get the right information so that the strategic decisions you make are based on reliable intelligence. We aim to employ empathy and get as close as possible to People, to help organizations connect to their brands with Real Life.


Business Analysis

With our business analysis services we identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems. Solutions include a software-systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.


We help businesses from all verticals harness the power of data and marketing technology to increase sales and improve visibility on performance. We are able to offer insights into Google Analytics and multivariate testing, to tracking user journeys, through to online sales. The data sources we are typically working with are more complex than you would normally see from a simple web development perspective. We need to understand the path that customers took to reach your website as well as their behaviour on site. This means taking data from web metrics like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, from bid management software like Marin, and from adservers like Sizmek.


Programme Management

Our Programme Managers are experienced in managing several related projects, with the intention of improving your organization’s performance. Combining years of experience in systems engineering, industrial engineering, change management and business transformation,
Our program managers have an oversight of the purpose and status of the projects in a program and can use this oversight to support project-level activity to ensure the program goals are met by providing a decision-making capacity that cannot be achieved at project level.

Product Management

Our Product managers are Responsible for reviewing product data to ensure that the field force is kept up to date on new developments regarding the companies or competitors products. They act as point of first reference for all product related enquiries and work collaboratively with clients to address any issues that may arise. Our team is experienced in designing market research projects to assess customer attitudes to the current product range and new product introductions. We either conduct this research with in-house staff or work with an outside agency.


Roadmap Development

The purpose of a product roadmap is to communicate direction and progress to internal teams and external stakeholders. It shows the high-level initiatives and the planned steps to get there. At Sixth Frame we help our enterprise clients create product roadmaps, which is a continuous process throughout the lifecycle of a product. We gather requirements and generate features by working hand and hand with your teams: customers, partners, sales, support, management, engineering, operations, and product management.
We ensure that priorities are determined and your roadmap is aligned against the business goals.

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